Hi, One Sat or Sun in Jun/Jul/Aug 2018 I was listening to KCRW between 10am and 4pm to a musician showcase/interview, it was not a KCRW DJ curated program but probably NPR Weekend Edition, possibly The New Yorker Radio Hour. The song was sung by a female artist, and was about her bitter feelings in the aftermath of a relationship.

It was maybe adult rock genre. Americana &/or country may have been mentioned in the interview although I wouldn't have classified this song that way and the guitar work certainly wasn't. I was under the impression it was new material this year from the artist, and something of a change in style. She may have been the guitarist as well.

I recall the 1st and 3rd lines of the four in the chorus (still solo), where the guitar picked up some, which were to the best of my memory:
"if you think I have (or) that I've forgotten", (pattern "da da da dada da dada")
then a 2nd line (think pattern was "da da dada dada da") then,
"if you think I have (or) that I've forgiven" ("da da da dada da dada", same as 1st),
followed by a 4th line, ("da da dada dada da", same as 2nd).

Both 2nd & 4th lines lines were quite dark, and made it clear she had not forgotten or forgiven. Had a nice electric guitar accompaniment. Very moody and the chorus earwormed me for the weeks since I heard it, but I did not remember or hum it well enough for SoundHound to nail it. The first 2/3 of Meg Myers Make a Shadow sounds about right for tempo, but this artist had a lower voice (maybe a more mature/established artist) and the song's mood was darker.

I have been searching to no avail on those lyrics and variations thereof on Google, Bing & Yahoo, Lyrics.com and using Spotify to go through music by all of the female artists (or bands fronted by a female vocalist) showcased, first just for Weekend Edition dates, and then all of NPR's and the New Yorker Radio Hour's listed musician showcases for all those months, for over a week now. It's driving me crazy!

Any clues or leads greatly appreciated!