Hey everyone! It's been a long time, I'm hoping people still use and contribute to this site. Anyways, I heard hayk 2aseede that I really liked, Naji el Osta was singing it at the beginning of El Kelmi Kelmtek on Beit el Kil, and I've heard Elias Karam sing it. I've looked into it and also found someone else had sang it before, (I'm wondering if this is the original singer of the bit?).
Anyways, I'm hoping that someone would be able to at least find/type out the original Arabic lyrics, starting with "marra tabeeb el 2alb 3ayyani". I've found a few youtube links with people singing it, but I've included just one below - the link of Naji singing it before his song.
If somebody doesn't mind doing the Arabic lyrics for me, I will gladly contribute the transliteration for the general community.

Thank you so much!

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gJbn8AO3Tw