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    Default SOLVED Late 60s or early 70s breaking up song

    I'll be 64 in May and have always listened to rock'n'roll music. Sometimes some of the softer rock would sneak in radio stations. I've reconnected with some HS classmates and I'm mentioned I can't believe Gary Pucket and the Union Gap every made it on the radio especially 3 of their songs:

    1.) "Young girl get out of my mind"
    2.) "She's a woman now" which pretty sure is about a woman losing her virginity. Think it was GPATUG.
    3.) This is the one I'm having a hard time with and think it was GPATUG. He can tell his girlfriend is leaving him and sings something like: "I know men are looking at you but what really hurts is you are looking back". Another line is "A man can tell when a woman is on the move".


    Edit: Where are all the oldies peeps? The song was played a lot on the radio. I got a hold of the area oldies station and a DJ identified it: Gary Puck "Woman, Woman". Thx!!
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