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    Tahira said:

    Default Lyrics for Amany & the BADAWIST / Lebanon

    Hi everybody,
    I wonder if anybody can help me:

    I have a song called BADAWIST, you can find it on the CD Amany & The Badawist. It´s the first song and the music was composed for the oriental dancer Amany from Lebanon. I would like to know the lyrics or at least the message of this song, although I think it has not much of a meaning, still I want it to know.

    Unfortunatelly I could not find a full version of this song neither on youtube nor on other websites. Here you can find just a small section: (you have to scroll down a bit).
    Later on in that song, there are more different sentences.

    Anyway, maybe one the users knows the song and its meaning and can help me.

    Bye, Tahira
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    i think she is a dancer not singer and the sentences are the music names i donno her !!
    these songs are traditional old egybtion songs they dont mean that much the
    hint is in the music beat ... am sorry i try to help u.
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    Tahira said:


    Thank you Mavi for your reply;
    I do know that Amani is a dancer, the music is lebanese according to egyptian tradition, I just was hoping that anybody knows this special song and could give me some hints about the meaning, as I am dancing to this song quiten often, too.

    But thank you very much for your effort.