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    Thumbs up For Learning Arabic

    Hi guys,
    For all who wants to learn Arabic, this is for you, I hope that will be useful.
    Here some simple phrases to study. It's written in classical Arabic.
    For Saying Hello & Goodbye
    Hello; welcome
    'as-salāmu calaykum
    Peace upon you
    السلام عليكم
    kayf hāluk?
    How are you?
    كيف حالكم
    shukran. al-hamdu li-lāh. wa ant?
    Thank you. Fine, by God's mercy. And you?
    شكراً. الحمد لله وأنت
    'anā bi-khayr
    I'm fine
    أنا بخير
    maca salāma
    Go without fear
    مع السلامة
    ilā l-liqā'
    So long; Until the next time
    إلى اللقاء

    For Meeting people
    What's your name?
    ما اسمك؟
    'ismī salīm
    My name is Salim [Male Responses]
    اسمي ساليم
    'ismuhā warda
    Her name is Warda [Female Responses]
    اسمي وردة
    'anā sā'ih
    I'm a tourist [Male Responses]
    أنا سائح
    'anā sā'iha
    I'm a tourist [Female Responses]
    أنا سائحة
    'acmal hunā
    I'm working here
    أعمل هنا
    'anā tālib
    I'm a student [Male Responses]
    أنا طالب
    'anā tāliba
    I'm a student [Female Responses]
    أنا طالبة
    I've took these phrases from the following site, and I just added the Arabic font. And if you want to hear their Arabic pronunciation. Just click here

    Now if you want to learn some important Arabic words, here we are, click here and you can hear the Arabic pronunciation also.

    To see How Arabic words can be written, and pronounced click here

    Generally is A GREAT site for learning Arabic. Therefore check it out.

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    shukran yazilan for this useful study, I really appreciate it...
    hope you'll come with more

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    I just cheked it and it really is a great site thanxx

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    Hmm, I'm just wondaring, no one have seen the site or No one like it ???
    I expect more visiter to this site from the persons who want to learn Arabic.

    Have a good time

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    Smile if you want to learn Arabic

    how are you every body

    I can exchange arabic & english
    if you would , add me in your messenger ( or
    Skype (Teacher106) or (Teacher).

    good bye

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    this site is really great i like it soo much espically when it learn how to say "el taskil" n every thing i like it
    Her sabah bir dev masalında ..uyanınca
    Hep çocuk kalmak kurtulmak

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    many thanx!

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    Many many thanks to you! My Love speaks arabic natively and i want to understand it as well.

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    very good site ..thanks ...

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