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  1. eleni19 said:

    Post Manwlis famellos - to gkomenaki

    can somebody please translate this song for me? I would really like to know what this really really cool remixed song is..and by that I of course mean what he is singing about. :-) Not that I can't figure out that he is singing about love..but anyway...someone?? :-D
  2. Zvezda's Avatar

    Zvezda said:


    Πώς να στο πω ξεκόλλα
    How can I tell you, bugger off
    Σ’ έφερα για το κρεβάτι μου
    I only brought you here to get laid
    Μα εσύ τα θέλεις όλα
    but you want everything
    Και με φωνάζεις αγάπη μου
    and are calling me your love

    Θέλεις να βγαίνουμε έξω
    You want to go out
    Θέλεις να κάνουμε πράγματα
    you want to do stuff
    Πάω σαν παιδί να παίξω
    I am trying to play like a child
    Και μου ζητάς ανταλλάγματα
    and you are asking for things in return

    Πότε δε σου ‘πα ψέματα
    I never lied to you
    Κι όλα τα κόλπα που ήξερα σου έμαθα
    and all the tricks I knew, I have taught you
    Μα εσύ είσαι απλά μωράκι μου
    but you my little baby are simply
    Το γκομενάκι μου
    my lay-dee


    Πώς να το πω δεν ξέρω
    How can I say, I do not know
    Μα νιώθω κάτι βαθύτερο
    but I feel something deeper
    Για σένα και υποφέρω
    for you and I am totrured
    Αξίζω κάτι καλύτερο
    I deserve better

    Στο δίχτυ σου με πνίγεις
    You are drowning me in your web
    Κι εγώ όσο πάει σ’ ερωτεύομαι
    and as time goes by I am falling for you
    Το λίγο που μου δίνεις
    the little things you give me
    Το παίρνω κι ονειρεύομαι
    I take with me and dream

    Κι ας μου ‘πες τόσα ψέματα
    Eventhough you have lied so much to me
    Όλα όσα κάνεις μη σε νοιάζει τα έμαθα
    everything you do, do not worry, I have learnt
    Έγινα εγώ για χάρη σου
    and I have become for your sake
    Το γκομενάκι σου
    your lay-dee

    α + γ

    Απόψε αν θες να μείνεις
    Tonight if you want to stay
    Ναι αλλά σταμάτα τη γκρίνια σου
    it's alright, but stop nagging
    Να σηκωθείς να φύγεις
    get up and leave
    Δεν κάνω πια τα χατίρια σου
    I will no longer accomodate your wishes

    Ποτέ δε σου ‘πα ψέματα
    I never lied to you
    Όλα όσα κάνεις μη σε νοιάζει τα έμαθα
    everything you do, do not worry, I have learnt
    Αφού είσαι απλά μωράκι μου
    Since you my little baby are simply
    Το γκομενάκι μου
    my lay-dee
    Bio je Novembar 2009 godine, zamišljao sam kako hodaš ulicom Bana Jelačića cipelama od zmijske kože..
  3. eleni19 said:


    wow, what a text! This song is not like the other Greek's not the same "please love, me or I'll die from not getting your love" spirit...ore like a very very very strong and honest text....or did I just get everything very very wrong?

    By the way, what does it means, if a guy is singing this to a girl..?
  4. Athanatos's Avatar

    Athanatos said:


    Translation into Bulgarian:

    Как да ти кажа "Разкарай се!"?
    Доведох те само за леглото ми
    Но ти искаш всичко
    И ме наричаш "Любов моя"

    Искаш да излизаме
    Искаш да правим разни неща
    Опитвам да играя като дете
    И ме питаш за нещо в замяна.

    Никога не съм те лъгал
    И на всички номера, които знам, те научих
    Но ти си обикновена, скъпа моя,
    Моята мадама.

    Как да го кажа не знам
    Но чувствам нещо по-дълбоко
    за теб и се измъчвам
    Заслужавам нещо по-добро.

    Оплиташ ме в мрежата си
    И все повече се влюбвам
    Малкото, което ми даваш
    отнасям и мечтая.

    И дори да си ме лъгал толкова,
    Всичко, което правиш, не се притеснявай, научих
    Станах, благодарение на теб,
    Твоята мадама.

    Тази вечер ако искаш да останеш
    ОК, но спри с гадорията си
    Да ставаш и да си тръгваш
    Не мога повече да ти угаждам

    Никога не съм те лъгал
    Всичко, което правиш, не се притеснявай, научих
    Тъй като си обикновена, скъпа моя
    Моята мадама.