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    Default Source for Portuguese translations of popular English songs

    Hey, what's up?

    does anybody know a website or any other source where I could find Portuguese translations of popular English songs. I want to use them to teach English to kids here in Brazil and I think it would be really helpful if I can provide the translations as well because their level of English is still very basic so they won't understand the songs directly in English.
    I think it would be a good training especially in regard to their pronounication since Brazilians tend to have troubles with that. I am not looking for specific songs at the moment but more for some kind of database or website which has several ones.

    So, if anybody out here knows something, please let me know.


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    Well I dont know any website where you can find Portuguese songs translated into English. BUT you could find translations here anytime. Just let us know which song you want to have translated.

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