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  1. Tahira's Avatar

    Tahira said:

    Default Alaa Zalzali - Yi shu b7ebek

    Alaa Zatzali Yel shouck bhebbik

    I am looking for the lyrics and translation for this song.
    A rough translation would be enough.

    Thanks in advance
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    Oriee said:


    I googled the named mentioned in your request but couldn't find anything, it you have another words in the song or any little part would be appriciated
    لا يَشْكُرُ الله مَنْ لا يَشْكُرُ النَّاس
    The One Who Doesn't Thank Others, Doesn't Thank God
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    najla said:


    Hi! the song is called Yi shu b7ebek and its from his album atrak i know it but not all the words: its starts like this: lama albe da2 2awel da2a 2alo b7ibek
    2al 3ayoni la2a 2awel nazra 2elt b7bik (....) yi yi yi shu b7bik Something like this
  4. Tahira's Avatar

    Tahira said:


    Thank you both for your efforts. I wanted to do someone a favour but I couldnŽt get more information. So do not worry so far.

    If I find out more, IŽll come back.

    THANK YOU!!!!