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    Thumbs up ELECTRO SONG! can't find it!!!

    hey there is this song i heard at ministry of sound in london a couple weeks ago and now at celebrities in vancouver canada. sweetest song ever, and the only lyrics in it are "check this out mother****er" here and there thatd be awsome if someone could find it for me!!!!!!!

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    two other songs too..... one that goes " take drugs and get f*cked tonight"
    and the other one is "when i look into your eyes i see the future"

    haha thanks!

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    Second song kinda reminds me of Ocelot - (This Is) Our Time (or maybe a remix)

    For the last song try..

    Tiga - Mind Dimension
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    nice thanks!!!

    now we just gotta crack the first one.... i know shes out there somewhere..

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    For the first song, the album "Deadboys in Trash City" by Alleycat Scratch opens with that line.
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