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    red_rose said:

    Lightbulb arabic dialects

    if a person picks up a arabic dialect first does this then make it hard for them to learn the classical arabic in the quran/. cause the dialect is more simple.

    also if one learns the fusha, is it hard to pick up a dialect after?

    is it possible to learn dialect and fusha at same time.. or no this is too complicated.
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    Daydream said:


    I'd say stick to one dialect when learning..

    It would be hard to learn each.. think of it like Proper English and Slang.. So if you learned "For sure" then when you hear someone say "Fo' shizzle" it won't make much sense to you.. So each should be learned separately.. But when you learn proper Arabic first which is the sole of the language it may help you with some phrases and comments in other dialects but it is 100% what will help you with Qur'an and that's more important Then when you feel you've mastered it.. take on a dialect as a hobby
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