Death in June – An Ancient Tale Is Told Lyrics

An ancient tale is told
Of how the gods
Having stolen from man his divinity
Met in council to discuss where they should hide it

One suggested that it be carried to the other side of the earth and buried
But it was pointed out that some men are great wanderers
And that they might find the lost treasure on the other side of the earth

Another proposed it be dropped into the depths of the sea
But the same fear was expressed
That man, in his insatiable curiosity, might dive deep enough to find it even there

Finally, after space of silence, the oldest and wisest of the gods said
Hide it in man himself
Because that is the last place he will ever think to look for it

I sent my soul to the invisible
The afterlife to foretell
And returning, it said to me
I myself am both heaven and hell
I myself am both heaven and hell

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