Animaniacs – The Anvil Song lyrics

Album: Animaniacs

Yakko: An Anvils black and shiny
Dot: It's very heavy too
Wakko: So watch out my chubby friend
YW+D: Or one will fall on you

Dot: That wasn't pretty
Yakko: But it had to be done
Baloney: Great song, Neto Completo yippe
Wakko: It's unstoppable
Yakko: Call in the national Guard
Dot: Or Tanya Harding's Bodyguard
Baloney: Let's sing it again, I lovey,dovey loved it

Yakko: It's made of solid Iron
Dot: It weighs a tone or two
Wakko: We know you'd like to meet it
YW+D: It wants to meet you to

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