Mortal Flesh lyrics

Album: Renaissance By Death

Hey Madalyn
Why are you shooting rubber bands
To scare away the lions
Tell it to Ann Rand
Hey Nietzsche boy
What got in your head
Turns out you were wrong
And only Freddie's dead
You have more faith than me
You have more faith than me
Hey David Hume
Your statements make me pause
You don't believe in miracles
You just believe in first cause
Hey Jean Paul
Write another play
The truth exists and so do you
And you can't make that go away
We did not follow myths
We did not follow lies
Proof of the resurrection
Stands before your eyes
Professing to be wise
They have become fools
External power has been seen
You are without excuse
Hey Charles Darwin
It's a natural selection
If it's there and no one can see it
It escapes detection
Hey Mr. Skinner
I hear you today
It doesn't matter if it's true
You had to say it anyway

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