Queen Uk lyrics

Me and My best friend Jim started our own band
when I was 15 living in Deutschland.
Didn't matter that we could hardly play
came up with a crazy name called the band Queen UK
I played the guitar, he played drums
our parents told us one day we'd be bums
and everyday we'd go over to his parents house and in the basement we play as hard and loud
as we could get it.
It drove his mom mad
and it never seem to bother his drunk dad. We wrote 5 or 6 songs or so
we played them at the high school talent show
We blew the shit up. The girls went crazy.
We looked so cool. They called us baby. After that man, we had it made.
The normal life was later-ade.

Well I moved to Austin, he moved to LA after living in Seattle.
I joined a funk band, he got all into heavy metal.
It was a wild time. I did a lot of blotter.
It was like some bad episode of Welcome Back Kotter.
I went to LA to visit him.
but he was all messed up playing in some shitty band.
Snorting heroin. He had like 10 tatoos.
We smoked some serious kind, drank a ton of booze.
We joked around alot. We'd always say we've come so far since the good ole days.

It was a blur but, I don't remember much. Was glad to get the hell out, I never liked LA too much.
Austin was more laid back more like my kind of town.
People kickin it, not so tightly wound.
My bands kept breaking up like they always do.
I Kept getting by, and pulling through.
I got a phone call from Jim one night in '98, he didn't sound so good said I need a break. and he said can I come to stay for a week or so.
I said that'd be cool, no problem bro.
but I never spoke to him again after that.
I got a call one day from a guy in Jim's band Aftermath.
He said that Jim had died sometime last week or so.
In his apartment of some kind of overdose. The police couldn't find his folks and maybe did I know
how to get a hold of them and I did and so
I called his parents up and it was shitty but,
I went to the funeral and I was all fucked up.
And I felt responsible in some weird ol way. There was nothing I could do, and there was nothing I could say.

That's the way it goes when fate is king. You can't tell the world how to do its thing. You just hold on tight, let it take you for a ride.
Maybe you might make to the other side. And in the end I guess it doesn't matter so.
I guess I'll tell you everything I know now.

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