Vampire Twist lyrics

Album: Holidays

Let's Do The Vampire Twist. Do It, Yeah!
Let's Do The Vampire Twist.

In The Dead Of Night, I Flew With A Bat,
To The Cemetery, That's Where It's At.
The Tombstones Were Shakin' To A Crazy Beat.
And The Mummified Mummies Jumped To Their Feet.
All The Ghouls And Goblins Just Dieing To Dance,
I Saw A Headless Corpse Wiggle In A Trace.
And The Vampires Open A Can Of Worms,
They Made The Zombies Scream And The Witches Squirm.
They Did The Twist. They Did The Vampire Twist. Hey!
They Did The Twist. Yeah! They Did The Vampire Twist.

Your Hair's On Fire, But What The Heck,
Move A Little Closer, Let Me Bite Your Neck.
How I Crave This Bloody Kiss.
Come On Girl, Let's Do The Vampire Twist.
We'll Twist Real High, We'll Twist Real Low,
We'll Twist Til Dawn, But Then We'll Have To Go.
This Freaky Scene Is Such Creepy Fun,
On Halloween, October 31, We'll Twist.
Yeah! We'll Do The Vampire Twist, Ha Ha Ha.

Come On Baby, You Look...Dead.
Yeah! Come On. Shake It! Yeah!
Let's Do The Vampire Twist.
Do It With Me, Do It With Me! Yeh, Yeh!
Come On, Come On!
Let's Do The Vampire... Do The Vampire Twist.
Yeh, Yeh, Yeah! Baby, Baby Baby!
Yeah, Let's Do The Vampire...
Let's Do It, Do It.
Twist, Twist, Twist, Twist. Shake It, Shake It.
Shake It, Shake It, Yeah!

Oh, Oh, Oh, Yeah. Let's Do The Vampire...

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