Chris Smither – Hey, Hey, Hey lyrics

Album: Drive You Home Again

i am not a prophet,
i wouldn't be one if you paid me.
it doesn't take a lot to see
just where you're headed lately.
pretty soon you're gonna ask me
how come the life you lead
doesn't make you very happy
or satisfy your needs.
you talk about your needs as though
you know just what they are
when in fact to really know them
is like travelling to a star.
it takes so long you die along the way,
so I say hey, hey, hey hey!

hey hey!

c'mon, sit down.
let's talk about illusion:
how everything is made of it.
no wonder life's confusin'.
all this stuff that we take for granted,
so solid to the touch,
is just a concrete indication
that we love ourselves too much.
"but if we don't love ourselves", you say,
"who will and whatever for?"
and I say, that's a better question
than the one you asked before
but the answer is still just as far away.
so I say hey, hey, hey hey.

hey hey!

let's blow off all of this.
forget about your reason.
you can leave it all behind you.
you can start another season
'cause all these silly little fictions
are gonna take you by surprise
when you see them in the daylight
and you finally realize
that you told them to yourself.
nobody else was listening.
and you'll be standing broken-hearted
like a disillusioned christian
with your mouth open but nothin' left to say.
so just say hey, hey, hey hey.

hey hey!

from "drive you home again"

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