Necessity lyrics

Album: Finian's Rainbow

What is the curse
That makes the universe so all bewilderin'
What is the hoax that just provokes
The folks they call God's children
What is the jinx that gives a body and his brother and everyone around...the run-around

Necessity, necessity
That most unnecessary thing, necessity

What throws a monkey wrench in
A fella's good intention
That nasty old invention

My feet want to dance in the sun
My head wants to rest in the shade
The lord says go out and have fun
But the landlord says, "Your rent ain't paid!"

Necessity, its plain to see
What a lovely old world
This silly old world could be
But, man it's all in a mess
Account of necessity

Necessity, necessity
There ought to be a law against necessity

I'd love to play some tennis
Or take a trip to Venice
But sister, here's the menace

Oh, Satan's the father of sin
And Cupid's the father of love
Oh, hell is the father of gin
But no one know's the father of
Necessity, necessity
That's the maximum that
A minimum thing can be
There's nothing lower than less
Unless it's necessity

Necessity, necessity
Loved a woman named Bess,
but nevertheless, ah me!

He had to marry Theresa,
'count of Necessity!

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