Oh, Evolution lyrics

Album: Donau

"Did he who made the Lamb make thee?
Did he who made everything, really wanted to make me?"

W. Blake

I will often. no I will always bless
That name of yours
And I thank for the kicking
My love from yourself.
Oh, how I wonder living lonely (now)
But that`s my way.
I neednt see you, still much love you,
That`s for your salvation.

Now I don`t love `cos I don`t live
That peace I payed so well
`Cos the state is to me most precious
Pain for me was everywhere (Burp)
Even thought I getting freezing
For long part of time
Oh I got more life that they can guess
I`ll stay same through reincarnations.

But you`re in danger if I revived
And nocked up on your door
`Cos I must come, I had to see how
You`re life`s turning on.
He kissed you and than left you
Fantasy was split.
You`re not for mariage, not for burring
Jesus is your home


Evolution you can feel it
But you`re evil, you won`t stop it
You`ll continue with no turning
I just pray for kids


Evolution, evolution,
I`m so tired, cutting bustards
Every hour, and with your help
(I have less to live)
(No longer, not for long).

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