Heaven On My Mind lyrics

I started out with Jesus at a very early age
yes I've known him nearly all of my life
well I'll admit there have been times
where I've faltered along the way
but I'll keep trying cause somehow I've gotta make it in
you see I've got a charge on my life
and I've got a job to do
and I can't stop until it's through

I'm determined
I've got made up mind
I can't stand around wasting my time
I'm gonna keep on working for Jesus
every day of my life
cause I've got heaven on my mind

Verse 2:
I don't have time to waste
criticizing someone else
there are some things I'd rather leave behind
and I don't have time to be bothered
with he said, that she said, that they said
cause it's all I can do to keep my own self in line oh lord
I must work while it's day
cause I know the night is surely coming
I'm going all all the way


I can't understand how some people can move so slow
but they don't know just what time it is
he's coming back and I know that it won't be long
I've gotta be ready, I've gotta be ready
for my starry crown
I want to hear him say I want to hear him say well done

You can talk about me
say what you wanna say
you can stand around wasting your time
but while you're talking I'm gonna keep on walking
cause I got heaven on my mind


I've got heaven (with echo 2 times)

I've got heaven on my mind (end)

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