Danny Come Home (A Town Near Montreal) lyrics

( Molly-Ann Leikin / Annette Tucker / Arthur Hamilton )

On a sunday morning
In a town near Montreal
A baby in a basket
Cried outside the convent wall
He had the eyes of the widow Johnson
And the station master's chin
And Sister St-Theresa heard him crying
And she took my baby in

When the shame inside me died
Then the mother in me cried
And I go by the playground where I thought he' d be
I' d smile at every little boy, so I could see
If one of them was smiling back at me

Danny come home,your mama' s heart is broken
Danny come home, you' ve been away so long
Don' t you know your mama keeps on hoping
That someday you' ll find out where you belong
Danny come home

On a rainy morning
In a town near Montreal
A lonely boy of seven
Climbed outside the convent wall
The station master helped him
Sneak aboard the ten-o-four and he was gone
And no one's ever heard a word
Or even seen the boy from that day on
And I still cried myself to sleep
About the child I couldn' t keep
And I always pray that life is good to him
It' s a story that will never have an end
'cause what we gave away is never ours again

Repeat 3 twice

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