The Unknown lyrics

I wanna touch you
Feel your pulsating body
I wanna see you running your tongue down my spine
You wanna hear me whisper your name under my breath
You wanna feel me making my way deep inside
I'm gonna grab you
Touching my lips on your neck
I'm gonna kiss you
Feel me coming up behind
You wanna scratch me
The pleasure swirling in the pain
You wanna take me
Wet penetration sublime
Take me
Feel me
Touch me
Taste you
Pull me
Push you
Fuck me
Love you
I wanna pet you
Purring and writhing on the floor
I wanna lick you
Tingle and shudder
Beg for more
You wanna pull me under this blanket of ecstasy
You wanna suck my fingertips circling on your lips
I can smell you sweaty excitement in the air
I can sense you anticipate your every move
You can feel me so deep that it touches on your soul
You can tell that this closeness is what keeps me whole

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