Christmas Gift Rap lyrics

Album: maleehah

It's Christmas Eve and woe is me,
gotta do some shoppin' in a big hurry,
gotta make a list, gotta check it twice,
gotta read the ads, gotta ask advice
better start right now, better start today,
gonna be in trouble if I delay,
just look outside at all that snow,
got the Christmas spirit, HO HO HO!

counting down the freezing days
eating chocolate on my way
I can't wait till santa comes
see if he's left any crumbs

look in my wallet, what do I see,
empty space staring back at me.
check my wallet, news is bad,
can't go shoppin till i talk to dad.
ask him nice for a little loan,
some collateral to call my own,
then FA LA LA, I'm out of here,
to spread a little Christmas cheer!


How bout a watch for my brother Bob,
he's always late for his downtown job,
a fruitcake for my aunt Eileen,
she's a REAL fruitcake if you know what I mean,
there's Mom and Dad, and Uncle Smitty,
and all those cousins in bradford City,
the list gets longer, everyday,
Jing Jing Jingle, I'm on my way!


Hurry home to wrap and tie,
St. Nick will be here by and by,
pile those presents on the floor,
light the tree and lock the door,
tiptoe off to fall in bed,
sugarplums dancing in my head,
Can't wait, till Christmas comes,
then i'll unrap my brand new drums!

(Chorus) 2x

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