Tommy Makem – Ballinderry lyrics

'Tis pretty to be in Ballinderry
'Tis pretty to be in Aughalee
'Tis prettier to be on bonny Ram's Island
A-sitting forever beneath a tree

O chone, O chone, O chone, O chone

For often I sailed to bonny Ram's Island
Arm in arm with Phelim my diamond
He would whistle and I would sing
And we would make the whole island ring


"I'm going," he said "from bonny Ram's Island
Out and across the deep blue sea
And if in your heart you love me Mary
Open your arms at last to me"


'Twas pretty to be in Ballinderry
Now it's as sad as sad can be
For the ship that sailed with Phelim my diamond
Is sunk forever beneath the sea


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