Nothing I Won't Give lyrics

Haunted by the past,
A nightmare that seems so unreal.
Wish that I could turn back time,
And spare the pain that we both feel.
And now, we've changed,
Things will never be the same.
(Things will never be the same)

We were foolish then,
But our trials served to make us strong.
The burdens are not yours alone,
We've sought the answers for so long.
But they're not real.
They cost you more than they cost me.
(My brother)

I promise you,
There is nothing I won't give,
To see this through,
Return the soul to where it lives.
I promise you,
I'd go everywhere I've been,
To find a way,
To make atonement for my sin.
And see...
See your smiling face again.

When we pay the price at last,
And we are whole once more,
Life will be the way it was,
The way it was before the day,
She slipped away,
Together we'll redeem that day.


(I promise)
(I promise)
(I promise)


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