1) Thread titles should be the same as the name of the requested song translation

2) The thread title should be written with transliterated letters and not Arabic ones (but only the thread name: in the actual post you can write the song in Arabic letters)!

3) The format of the thread will look in this way:

Artist Song name or names

Ex: Amr Diab We Malo
Amr Diab We Malo & Aktar Wa7ed

4) If you want the translation of a whole album for a specific singer use this
format as the title:

Artist Title of Album

Ex: Nancy Ajram Ayami beek

Please, when you request the translation of a whole album put every song in a different post.

5) Different songs of different singers won't be allowed in the same thread.

6) The request of a new translation is not allowed in an already existent thread

Please follow the above mentioned rules, so that everything proceeds normally and so the translated songs are added quicker to the Sticky with the translated songs. If you feel that you want to go off-topic, please go to this thread: http://www.allthelyrics.com/forum/ar...iscussion.html where all off-topic posts go to. There you can talk about everything you want.