Sheek Louch - Mighty D-block Lyrics

Yeah, D-Block (Green Lantern blast that daddy)
Everywhere we go-oh, people wanna know-oh
Whooo we arrrre, sooo we tell them
This is D-Block, mighty mighty D-Block
Everywhere we go-oh, people wanna know-oh
Whooo we arrrre, sooo we tell them
This is D-Block, mighty mighty D-Block
Everywhere we go-oh(D-Block you bitch ass niggaz!!)

(Sheek Louch)
Yo, I dont even care bout, pull out cockback
The hottest of the year's out, empty yo chest
Leave the inside of yo whip a mess
All over the projects, these gangstas know who the best
Send cowards to their grave with their face half gone
Stomach ripped open, the beef back on
The boy -Sheek- rude, I stay in a mood
Suitcase full of ammo, take yo pick
Everybody gon freeze, like Im takin a flick
Sheek Louch is not a pretender
Throwin blow is now an agenda
I dont care about you
You say screw D-Block, well screw you too
In the middle of the streets Im bringin my whole crew
We keep it in the hood, we not like you
These cowards dont learn till they all feined out
House in the Hamptons, alllll cleaned out

J-A-D-A, top 5, dead or alive, and thats just off 1 LP

Word up, Sheek Louch up in yo mothafuckin chest, w-w-walk wit me

J Hood, 2 gunz up, all I know is bitches and money, rimz and gunz
Here's why they call me the ghost,
Cuz all the other hard niggaz, they come from Yonkers

Yo it'll revolve, when I'm mad he's cool
Knife game like Daddy Kool's, since Valley Shoes
This is real life street shit, truest and the deepest
Known niggaz that go to jail just to get they teeth fixed
Think I give a fuck what you heard em say?
When I got the nigga that you trying to be watching my wordplay
Now everybody wanna be Pac
Till they ass really get popped and they die on the third day
The Des'y got a beautiful ring
I can hit any one of yall, options a beautiful thing
Body is finished, maybe then can save the tooth
Call me Kiss or call me the Black Babe Ruth
That many hits, fuck that, that mean he bricks
D-Block that many niggaz gats to your lips
My dope is two toned, but I had to change my spot
Cause it turned into a drug free school zone!

(Sheek Louch)
D-Block is knockin (Turn it up!)
We got it poppin (Turn it up!)
We comin for yall (Turn it up!)
Niggaz is droppin (Turn it up!)
We got the streetz locked (Turn it up!)
If there's beef, let yo heat cock (Turn it up!)
Welcome to D-Block (Turn it up!)
Cuz we dont fuck around

(Sheek Louch)
What, that nigga Sheek is the Truth
You would think he had a stripper inside,
Have you go hard in the booth
Blaze all on the roof, squeeze off then POOF!
Presto, magic, like where did his chest go
Think not homie? Got a Ziploc on me
All that -sticky-icky- in the pocket of my dicky
Just drunk a half of 60, kinda bend it
Hat low knocked, and bout to fuck up the rented
I'm a General, I stepped up from a Lieutenant
This is D-Block, join us, don't get offended
Cuz, I aint lettin up and you aint lettin off
Plus I already know that most of yall is soft
The hood love me, put it in the air for me
And boy cop mixtapes, if they dont hear from me
Got cake but occasionally, you catch me bummy
I'm too smart on these streets, you fuckin dummy!

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