Chris Smither – Never Needed It More Lyrics

Album: Train Home

You know If love is the meal for the hunger you feel,
call for the waiter.
We're all gonna feed on whatever
we need sooner or later.
I just stay out of my way.
I call for the check when I'm ready to pay.
The bill's for the faith or the will,
whichever is greater.

CHORUS Tell me how does it happen?
I can't tell you for sure,
but I don't think I ever needed it more

Cuz now it's two for the show
they all wanna know
how did you meet her?
I think it was luck,
she fell off a truck,
from there it was follow the leader.
I saw her walkin' alone,
I treated her nice and she followed me home.
There was nobody there to tell me
that I couldn't keep her.

CHORUS (variant) Tell me how did it happen?
I can't tell you for sure,
but I don't shut my tail in the door any more.


You know it's only a scene,
the play is the dream,
the bigger the better.
What can I say,
when she's writin' the play, I'm gonna let her.
I just believe in the role.
I open wide and it swallows me whole.
The take is the give,
and the give is the way that I get her.

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