Mary's Song Lyrics

Is this the Boy I raised?
Is this the Son I knew?
Is this the One I've loved?
Why can't they love Him too?

What has my Son ever done to you?
Has He caused you some pain?
As I recall all He's shown is love!
Why can't you show Him the same?

This is the Boy I raised;
This is the Son I knew;
This is the One I've loved;
Why can't they love Him, too?

Oh, what can I do, my Son?
Why can't they see what I know?
Is this the way it must be?
Is this the way You must go?
I'd gladly die in your place,
If I could save You some pain;
But I can see in Your face,
My death would not be the same!

You are the Boy I raised;
You are the Son I knew;
You are the One I've loved;
Why can't they love you too?

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