Cabbages And Kings Lyrics

The walrus and the carpenter!
Or, the story of the curious oisters
The sun was shining on the sea
Shining with all its might
He did his very best to make the flow smooth and bright
And this was all because it was the middle of the night
The walrus and the carpenter were walking to the den
The beach was right from side to side but MUCH too full of sand
'Mr.Walrus!' Said the carpenter, 'My brain begins to perk!'
'We'll sweep this clear in half a year, if you don't mind the work!'
'Work!? The time has come, ' The Walrus said, 'To talk of other things!'
'Of shoes, and ships, and ceiling wax, and cabbages and kings,'
'And why the sea is BOILING hot, and weather pigs have wings!'
'CULOO, CULAAY, no work today,'
'We're cabbages and kings!'
'Oh oisters, come and walk with us, the day is warm and bright!'
'A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, would be a sheer delight!'
'And if we perhaps get hungry on the way, we'll stop and...have a bite!'
But mother oister went tally, and shook her heavy head
She knew too well this was no time to leave her oister bed
'The sea is nice, take my advice, and stay right here, ' Mum said.
'Yes yes of course of course but HA HA the time has come my little friends,'
'To talk of other things!'
'Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, and cabbages and kings,'
'And why the sea is boiling hot, and weather pigs have wings!'
'CULOO, CULAAY, come run away!'
'Where theres cabbages and kings!'
'Well well now, let me see, a loaf of bread is what we need!'
'How bout some pepper and sault an' vinegar, eh?'
'Yes yes, splendid idea, very good indeed,'
'Now, if you're READY, oisters, dear, we can begin the feed!'
'Oh yes! The time has come my little friends, '
'To talk of food and things!'
'Of bethicals and mustard seeds and other seasonings!'
'We'll mix them all together in a sauce that's fit for kings,'
'CULOO, CULAY, we'll eat today!'
'Like cabbages and kings!'
'I weep for you, I dearly sympathize,'
'For I've enjoyed your company much more then you realize!'
'Little oisters! Little oisters!'
But response there came none,
And this was scarcely odd cause they'd been eaten,
Every one.
We're cabbages and kings!
The end.

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