I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here Lyrics

Cecile will pick out all your clothes
Blue is her best color no red I think.
Your bath is drawn by Mrs. Grear.
Soap no bubbles I think
Annette comes in to make your bed
Silk no satin sheets I think.
The swimming pool is to the down the stairs
Inside the house oh boy.
The tennis court is in the rear.
I never even picked up a racket.
Have an instructor here at noon.
I think I'm gonna like it here!
(small instrumental)
When you wake,
ring for Drake.
Drake will bring your tray.
When you're through,
Mrs. Pew comes to take it away!
No need to pick up any toys.
That's ok I haven't got any anyway.
no finger will you lift my dear
We have but one request!
Please put us to the test
I know I'm gonna like it here!
Used to room in a tomb
Where I'd sit and freeze.
Get me now, Holy cow!
Could someone pinch me please!
(short instrumental)
We never had a little girl
(We never had a little girl)
I'm very,very,very glad to volunteer!
Were're glad she's glad to volunteer.
We hope you understand,
Your wish is our command!
I know I'm gonna like it here
(We know you're gonna like it here)

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