Paris Holds The Key To Her Heart Lyrics

Album: Anastasia Official Soundtrack

lovers, olala

Welcome, my friend, to Paris
Here! Have a flower on me!
Forget where your from!
You're in France! Children come!
I'll show you that French joi de vie!

Paris holds the key to her heart,
And all of Paris plays a part!
You'll stroll two by two
Down what we call "La rue"!,
And soon all !aris will be singing to you:
Oolala! Oolala! Oolala! Oolala!

Paris holds the key to ''amour!
When not even Freud knows the cure!
There's love in the air,
And before y percher!
The French have it down to an art!
Paris holds the key to her heart!

When your feeling blue come to Le Moulin!
When your hearts says don't,
The French say "do"!
When you think you can't,
You'll find you can can!
Everyone can can can!
You can can can too!

Paris holds the keey to her past..
Yes, princess, I've found you at last...
No more pretend..
You'll be gone, that's the end.

Paris holds the key to her heart!
You'll be tres jolie and so smart!
Come dance through the night,
And forget all your woes!
In the city of lights!
Where a rose is a rose,
And one never knows what it holds!
Paris holds the key
to her heart!
(random oolala's fading out)

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