Be My Lover Lyrics

A Very rare song

You are the one i have been looking for
the truth that i have been longing for
All time u and i
on the shores
of the ocean
Looking at the tides of our love
How can i deny
who am i to lie
This feeling and burning desire

I will be here for u
And our love
is true
And we can go far to places if only u
Be My Love
Be My Love

This is a feeling
i havent gotten for a while
You are perfectly sent from above
for me
The truth lies in you
I cant just let this
moment be
Girl u ard my ectasy
my fantasy
my world to be
how can i deny
who am i to lie

(Chorus X2)

Be my
Be my
Oh Be My
oh my love
my love
Chorus continues

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