Tech N9ne – Interview 3 (Skit) Lyrics

Album: Dominion

[Spoken: Tech N9ne]
2001 we did a lot of touring. 2002 we went on the Sprite Liquid Mix Tour with Jay-Z, 3-11, Talib, N.E.R.D., Hoobastank and more. That tour started us even more Technicians that were into more like rock, metal and even more mainstream fans. Then we got voted to go on the Wicked Wonka Tour with I.C.P., Bone Thugs, and K.M.K., by I.C.P.'s fans called Juggalos in 2003. But Juggalos were a hard crowd to crack because we were newcomers to their world. So when we did that first week on that tour, we would hit the stage, and the first three rows of the people would have they backs turned to us. We never experienced anything like that, so we was like, "what the fuck?" 'Til our first song hit like, "Stamina, I be damned if I ever be," and we watched slowly, night after night, everybody in those rows started turning around, you know what I'm saying, and partying with us. So after we got them on board, with all the other Technicians. We've been converting fans ever since no matter what they genre. And our goal since day one has been world domination. It's happening

(Strange Music, Dominion, 2017)

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