The Game – BK to CPT Lyrics

Album: You Know What It Is, Vol. 1

Straight outta Compton, Chuck Taylor in Brooklyn, 8 deep
And the Desert Storm blew in Ghetto F-A-B
The only difference between us is the coast and the lift of the ninas
And the rainbow paint on the Beamer
Out here they call me All Star Game
And every nigga with a gun waitin for the oak floor all star game
So while you in the Staples parking lot
I'm watchin' the corner with the safety on like Ronnie Lott

Straight outta Brooklyn, it's the same youngin, slingin' the same onions
Smokin' that Cali bud that my nigga Game brung in
I keep a dame tongin' my dick, a chain hung to my dick
The Caine run by the brick, it's ghetto
The fame sprung on me quick
But I still got 20s of dope that'll have your brain strung on a fix
These haters can't stop the rock I pushes
Cause a nigga move around with more arms than an octopus's
I got a Winchester that'll turn your vest into confetti
I'm Chuck Taylor the same nigga that put the '64 in Chevy
It's the same nigga to keep the .44 in the Chevy
With no stash spot, when you in Compton ask coppers
If that Aston Martin the same color as grasshoppers
I'm runnin' the rock, not Jay, Dame Dash or Hoffa
So when you in Compton you know who to ask for
That twenty-year-old young gun with bricks in the Jaguar

Jay push Bentley ISR's through
And if you seen my guns you'd think Bush sent me to war too
Even with chicks beggin' me for dick regularly
A nigga known for gettin' rid of weight like Dick Gregory
I'm New York City's fly guy, you bums don't impress me
I already got the lead, waitin' for someone to test me
And you don't wanna be in the news
Cause when we lookin' for you, not even Bin Laden would wanna be in your shoes, nigga

Every ghetto in America I know that niggas lettin' clips fly
So I keep that in mind when I'm out in the NY
Niggas see the Aftermath chain they like "F 50"
Cause we flyin' through Queens in that Ferarri F-50
Bitches see me in the video, wanna have sex with me
So I keep a box of Magnums and a bag of X with me
Keep a .38 Magnum stashed in the Vette with me
And it's "fuck your life!" if you ain't signin' checks with me
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Straight Outta Compton
The Game
The Game
DJ Khaled
Nigga I'm eatin' and you be snackin' like you on a diet
That's why you window shoppin' actin' like you wanna buy it
Actin' like you want a riot, like you gon' shoot
When I'm back you gon' be quiet
Like you on mute
That's proof you a punk
And you're lucky there ain't enough room to fit a nigga in my roof and the trunk
They got a box to quickly hide the gun
You shouldn't move, if you seen Boyz N the Hood and knew Ricky tried to run

Niggas know when them hollows airin'
I'll turn your Antoine Walker to a throwback Robert Parish
With two holes under the Celtic
And you would think your Boston warm up jacket hot till the Desert Eagle melt it
I'm a gangsta and the birds they love it
Twenty with a baby face and sit on base like Kirby Puckett
You can't afford the new Bentley? Fuck it
Cop yay from Jay, the bricks come with Louis Vuitton luggage

In my 'hood the slower you move the quicker they get you
Sometimes it's somebody in the click that be with you
That's why my vest is thicker to get through
And I keep two nine's on my shirt like Dickerson's shit do
I waste my breath when I'm bickering with you
I'd rather waste my techs till they flicker and hit you
You sick as my shit blue
And you ain't goin' nowhere for a while, a commercial where Snickers'll fit you, fucker
Ain't nothin' but a gangsta party when I'm spittin' to Pac
The paint fall off your Miss King when I'm spittin' the Glock
Before I was sixteen I was liftin' a drop
Spittin' on cops, pitchin' the rock
Like Charlie Ward before the New York Knicks
Now you can catch me in Brooklyn with Fab on a New York bitch
While you old niggas in rehab
And if I can't be a hip hop legend I'll just die in a ski mask

When a gangsta like me ride it be suede in it, be shade tinted
Tires got the rims that Spree made in it
One of the prettiest hoes be laid in it
Blowin' the kid faster than prepaid minutes
I'm guessin' these haters don't know I keep the Wes in the ators
Fully loaded with the vest penetrators
But if they want it, y'all can get it
You love the way the coaster coast chiefs did it

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