Letras de The Wedding Song

On this wedding day
I’m honored just to say
I love you
With all of my heart
As you walk my way
I vowed to never stray
I promise
That we’ll never part
I was raised to believe
That a man should never cry
But this tear in my eye
Let’s you know I’m satisfied
So today I take you as my bride

Let us cherish this hour
Our love forever, Amen
So let us cherish this hour
We’ll never be lonely again
As the Lord allowed our lives
To intertwine
It’s a blessing just to know
Forever and always
You will be mine

I wait so long to find
A love that would be mine
Then God sent you
My searching it is through
I know you’re heaven sent
Nobody else could compliment
My calling the way that you do
I’m so thankful we can share this day
With all of our friends and family
As they begin to stand
And I extend to you my hand
In holy matrimony


Predestined hour
Our love forever
We’ll stay together

I am yours and
You are mine, you are mine

I now pronounce you man and wife

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