Juicy J – Letras de Intro (Gas Face)

Álbum: Gas Face

[Intro: DJ Akademiks]
It's ya boy DJ Akademiks and check it out
Now ain't this a bitch
You ever try to leave a chick?
'Cause I tried to leave a lot of chicks and
And then they get on that suicidal shit
I was driving with a chick in the car one time
And I told her I was tryna break up with her
That was probably a bad time to try and break up with her
Okay, I'm driving
You know what she tell me
She say, "If you break up with me
I'm gonna jump straight out the fucking window and kill myself"
I said, "What the fuck?"
You know what I mean?
I'm looking at her like you a-
You a stupid motherfucker

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