Migos – Letras de No Label (Intro)

Álbum: No Label

[DJ Ray G]
Ayy, yo, DJ Genius
Ayy, yo, DJ Knight
Let me talk to 'em for a second, let me talk my shit, my nigga
Ayy, yo, Migos, what up, though?
Quavo Stuntin, Offset, Takeoff, man
That's how the fuck we do this shit
We call this shit right here No Label 'cause niggas getting money out here in the streets, they don't need no motherfucking label
So when you ask those questions, "Who they signed to?"
It doesn't fucking matter who they signed to, they getting to the money
You ask us, "Who they run with?"
It doesn't fucking matter who they run with, they getting to the money
Young Migos
This shit time to shine, my nigga
This shit time to go, my nigga
DJ Ray G, you know I got you, my nigga
Ayy, yo, Genius, run that shit
Ayy, yo, Knight, run that shit, man
Mixtape Monopoly, ho
Get 'em, get 'em

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