Nb Ridaz – Letras de I Can

I know i can (i know i can)
Be what i wanna be (be what i wanna be)
if i work hard at it (if i work hard it)
I'll be where i wannna be (i'll be where i wanna be)
Be, be, boys and girls listen up,
you can be anything in the world
in God we trust, an architect, doctor, mybe an
actress, but nothing comes easy, it takes much
practice, like
i met a woman who's becoming a star, she was
very beautiful leaving people in awe,
singin songs, Lina Horn,
but the younger version hung with the wrong person,
got astrung
sniffing up drugs, all in her nose
coulda died so young, now looks ugly and old,
No fun cause when she reaches for hugs people
hold they breath
cos she smells of corrosion and death.
So watch the company you keep and the crowd you bring,
cos they came to do drugs amd you came to sing,
so if you wanna be the best i'ma tell you how,
throw your hand in the air and take a bow

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