Nb Ridaz – Letras de Love Is Pain

why is love so much pain(so much pain)

sitting on the roof,
staring at the stars
thinking to myself
how could i have fell
for someone so hard
when all i was told was lies
now that i think about it
it makes me cry

to know someone i gave my heart to
Just tore my heart apart
A love it is endless
why did this love have to start(why did it)
Feeling the love i had for you
just rushes through my veins
why does love have to be so much pain
(so much pain)

memories no one can take away
the pain that i will feel
each and every day
this is gonna be hard
but i will pull myself through
or else ill never get
over loving you


so many nights
so many tears ive cried(cried)
no one to be, by my side
stuck with misery and pain
you were the one to blame
cuz it hurts to know...


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