Letras de Felt So Right

Álbum: Bituing Walang Ningning

I love you I dont know what else to say
Cause I look for you more each day
I need you I want to feel your embrace
And have the chance to touch your face

I was lost in the road
But you showed me the way
Now i called you my own
There's will never be the same


How could I know
You will hold me close so tenderly
Even though I'm alone
I can feel your arms in folding me
At that night, you can mine in just one night
When you held me tight
Ohhh it felt so right

I feel you your always here in my heart
It never reflects your sense before apart
I was lost in the road but you showed me the way
Can't go on on my own
Wishing that you would stay

Repeat Refrain

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