Reconsider Everything lyrics

Album: Evolver

How many times will they do the same thing?
How do they get programmed to your following?
Everyone's locked up in an invisible ring
The only way you can tell is reconsider everything

what if the truth that there is no truth
The only thing I can prove is there is no proof
Don't be so sure that the source is correct
People believe it before they fully check

How many times can they tell you ?till you just give them their way?
How many times can they say they made their one mistake?
everytime you will ignore your
heart it will come back twice more,
never deny your own instinct,
reconsider everything

Everybody has something they come from
Some just want grass, some make guano
Either way, you follow your female
Leading down the path of pure snow

Your fury flows for its own sake
But the purest light of truth remains for days
You go again for its own sake
But you're still controlled by a choice that you've got them to make

Reconsider Everything x8

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