Never Gonna Break My Faith (With Mary J. Blige) lyrics

Album: Soundtrack - Bobby

(feat. The Harlem Boys Choir)

[Verse 1]
My Lord
I have read this Book so many times
Nowhere can or did I find the page
that says what I experienced today has been the grave

Now I know that life is meant to be had (harmed)
thats how I learned to appreciate my God
Though my courage made me try
I can tell you I won't hide
Because the footprints show you are by my side.


You can lie to a child with a smilin' face
Tell me that color aint about race
You can cast the first stones you can break my bones
But your never gonna break Your never gonna break my Faith

Faith and Hope ain't yours to give
Truth and Liberty are mine to live
You can steal a crown from a King
Break an Angel's wings
But your never gonna break Your never gonna break my Faith

[Verse 2:]
My Lord
Won't you help them to understand
that when someone takes the life of an innocent man
Well they never really won because all they've really done
is set the Soul free where it's supposed to be


For those we lose before their time
I pray their souls will find the light
I know that the day will surely come
When his will, His will, will be done

You're never gonna break Faith
(repeat several times)with free words adlibbed

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