Come A Little Closer lyrics

Album: Full Moon

verse 1 : I know that it's late , and maybe and I shouldn't be so into you.
It's just that tonight , I am so taken I'm fallen for you .
When I look in your eyes I can see , a million possibilities.
And I know you'll be leaving me soon , but tonight -

chorus: Come a little bit closer , let me hold you baby , I will be good to you , and we can try , to forget tomorrow , make it last forever tonight.
So if you must go - oh ohhh oh , know that I'll be missing you wishing you closer , uhh , uhh ,uhh, ooh oh oh oh . So let's make the most of these moments together we'll never forget . And it's breaking my heart cause I know , that tomorrow you'll be miles away . And I catch myself wanting so much more , tonight - come closer
bridge - So if you're leaving me now , baby I don't know how . I will never get over you , because you opened my eyes , to this love thats inside , oh baby , baby , Don't ever leave me

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