One Candle lyrics

Album: Bottle Tree Lane

One candle burning brightly might not seem much from afar
But take a closer look 'cause it's shining like a star
One candle burning brightly might be what we need to see
How shadows try to hide what we can really be

Make a difference to the darkness, shine your light to show the world
We can make a better place for every boy and girl
Light a candle for your neighbour, say you're not afraid to sing
Together we can share in what a little love can bring

One candle burning brightly tightly held by one so small
Staring in amazement at the wonder of it all
One candle burning brightly might be what we have to hold
To know that sometimes simple things are worth much more than gold


One candle burning brightly could ignite a thousand more
?Til suddenly we realise we're not angry anymore
If those candles burning brightly stopped the fighting and the fear
The love we give at Christmas would last throughout the year


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