I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart lyrics

Last night I told my heart's love
All under the pale blue sky
Eagerly waiting an answer
I plainly could read in her eyes

I love you sweetheart I love
And ask you to be my bride
Her face turned pale and she trembled
And sadly to me she replied

I cannot be your sweetheart
I cannot stay by your side
One is waiting up yonder
One that's claiming his bride

My heart is almost broken
Your vows only add to my pain
I love you sweetheart I love you
Though we may never meet again

We said goodbye in the moonlight
My heart was turned to stone
One blissful hour was made happy
But now I'm sad and alone

In this my sorrows forever
Though you may go far away
Where ever you go I'll love you
But still I can hear you say

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