Let's Be Lovers Again lyrics

Jack and May
Sweethearts were they
They were engaged to be wed
Many a promise he made her
Many a love word he said
As most lovers do
They quarreled one night
She bid him not come anymore
She gave him his hat
Jack started away
But he lingered to stay at the door

Tie up those broken cords
And lets be lovers again
Darling, you know I love you
To part would give me pain
Let us forget the past
And make up, my pet
Make up and be lovers again

Years rolled by
Neither were wed
All of Jack's pleadings were vain
One quiet evening poor Jack was found dead
All through life in dismay
Two lives that have been wrecked
But she loves, oh, too late
She goes to his grave every day
She can't tell you why
But it seems to her cry
The wind seems to whisper and say

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