211 (feat. Whitney Houston) lyrics

Album: Gangstaz Pain

Well its a 211 in progress you saw this
Everybody on the ground cause I'm gonna rob this
Soul into the kingdom, you played em sayin you gonna have fun
Well run run, cause I'm gonna chase you down
Then a blam blam blam til I get a red rum
Then I'm have to throw away my gun
Go back to the varro and get myself another one
Cause I got nothin to prove, that I got nothin to lose
And I knocked out Satan's tooth, I'm sayin this one sober
Cause I dont smoke and I dont drink my juice wit booze
So its clear that my GOD jus kicks it and ride wit my posse
Another gangsta drops, jus another soul for me Denver
But he should of had, no surrender
To the evil and I why you wanna kill your people
Evil to the people that you wanna kill for people
Now I gotta steal another soul
And smoke another bowl from the Bible

Wakin up, its 3 in the afternoon
The ballers come bout to pick me up
To go shoot alittle bit of hoop and make some loot
So I grab my phat sack, yack yack
Walked over to my closet to grab my burgendy red baller bini hat
I wanted to be down like that
And I thought thats where my family's at
But little did I know, I was trapped
Every where we went, I always had to be strapped
We used to look forward to cruisin Sunday night
Sunshinin, low ridin through the park, everybody's havin fun tonight
You kick it wit the homies you grew up wit
You see another click roll by, so you gotta hit em up quick
Wit your click, crazy pyscho vato locos
Next thing you know, you're puttin vatos in a choke hold
Man this stuff can really get old, but you still wanna roll
Then the crazy gangsta from your set pulls out a nina
Starts pullin the trigga got people runnin down the street a
Testimony of a G, thats was me
God came into my life and changed me, saved me
I want more souls then Cheech and Chong smoke bowls

It always wasnt like
Like it is today

That was the past, now its the present
I used to gang bang, and slang them thangs
But now I do it all in Jesus' name
Like a g, who packs a gat thats me
In the waist of my 50-30, its called the B I B L E
When I got out of the county, me and Flow hooked up
Started pumpin out hits, we said lets do this, started rippin it up
On the cuts, we had guts showin up wit our drum machine beat
Plenty of MCs runnin up to the stage, tryin to battle theses GSG
So I pray to GOD, to tell me what to do
I dont want to take this sucka out, and make him look like a fool
But only the strong survive in the ministry
To many MCs are fallin from the roots of Christianity

Im takin you back in the days when I used to claim hella fame
But I would still spit game, everyday was still the same
had a different name, man I'm glad them days have changed
Cause I used to pack a pistola, disrespect a baller
Even though that was my bigger a brother, we claimed other clikas
And we didnt want anything to do wit each other
Mi jefita y abuelita would constinantly pray for my brother and me
Mi tia even bought life insurance, incase we would D I E
Me and Age didnt like each othas colors
so we would fight from time to time
But I wasnt realy into fightin wit my brother
I jus wanted to kick out my rhymes
Cause I wanted to get myself caught up in a rap group
Where I'm finally here
Man its a trip how things can change in just a couple of years
Cause it was 1992 when me and Age realized we were fools
Then we got together and found the LORD and everything was cool
We became best friends, and started new trends
And started the God Side Gangsta click
We're pumpin out hits, you know we wont quit, cause we're straight legit
Now sing it

Another 211 in progress cause Age and Flow
Jus stole another soul from the devil
Now God reigns in their lives, like I said before
Everythings gonna be alright

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