To Love A Woman (Feat Lonel Richie) lyrics

I dunno wot it is but she drives me crazy,
I dunno wot she does but she drives me wild! (oh yeah),
If only she cud let me be th eman i wanna be,
Then she cud leave me helpless as a child.

I dunno how it is but she has the power,
She can make me laugh wen I wanna cry! (oh yeah)
She tells me that im in control
but i know its just a lie,

And i know i know,
will she love u tomorrow,
like she loves u today,
she cud keep ur heart guessing, what is ur she will take,
and thats wot it feels like, 2 love a woman 2 love a woman

Wen U looking in her eyes u can see forever, forever

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