One Wish lyrics

Yo Jom Reap Suor
Let me ask ya'll a question
Did you ever have that one special wish
That you would like to creep upon you
But couldn't do nothing about it
But you would like to
So this is a little song
How us Khmer boyz are bringing it
So we're stressing
just keep up this peace
And tell me what ya ladies think aight.. haha

From the first day we met I never miss a warmth of your smile
Or pa mile.. What's that?
I want you for my lady, got me going crazy
There's nothing that I won't do for my baby
Push my love for above the hate
Into the front gate of destiny

Hoping that one day we'll eventually,
Woke up, walk down the aisle
Saying you do, that you be mine
All that time shit, I love you
Know that baby girl
So come into my, my, my world

Pail... Bong Kunye Oun
Nuw Kbail Bong... All by my side
You know I wish we could be like that
Til the day that we die, but still I cry
See many tears, for all the years you've been gone
Singing this song, calling me along, and now you know
You just step out, feeling strong was my heart
But now it's just blown apart
And everybody seen Chico
And they don't know where to start

If I had one wish, Bong Sobun kunye oun
To get you next to me, Oun nuw Kbail bong
What you say, All alone
You and me, me and you, Doing it privately... Oh.. Ooh..

Thpaul Koich, Loich Sniay Jeeva
Kunye Bong, Nuk Srey, Puk Sra
In the back of my car
Sann Nuk thiay oun moy
Kom Proiy avaiy
Bong nuw Kbail Srey
There's no need for you to be Paiy, I grab your hand, Od aiy
Oun srey, True love in the air, that one wish is coming near,
Sine clear, no hesitatin, no mistaken
Lets fit that I'll be making, no making the wrong move, get loose
And the day says truce, gonna make you mine girl,
Sobun kunyeSniay snud, Kroume luw preah athud,
Oun nuw kbail bong, no need to laugh, bong sniay oun moy jeevud,
Bong tha ka pudd
Don't let it slip, our relationship
Our love was meant to be, I'll hold you down for yours
Yours whaa whaat
And you old it down.. for me

Wanna give you my heart (Pail bong kunye oun)
My soul, my love to you
Anything you want boo, just tell me,
I'm there for you (Nuw kbail bong)
What you want girl, Girl the way you want
I won't front you, just give me that one chance
For this thug Romance that I've been holding
Locked up inside
Wanna give it all to you girl
With you by my side, we'll make it right
There's no deny,
give this my thug a try
I promise you til the day that I die
There will be no freeze, no day
Just call my name and I'm gonna there

Give it up girl,
You're my world, my one and only
True love, heaven sent from above
No need to hide it, don't fight it
I can see I'm on your mind
No frontin', this boo it's time
Wanna make you mind and never let go, cause baby you know

If I had one wish, Bong Sobun kunye oun
To get you next to me, Get you right next to me
All alone, You and me, me and you
Doing it Privately... Oh.. Ooh..

Nuk oun, Ob pail night, talking on the phone
Siay som-naw, I'll be a gentlemen, I'll be your bong pros,
One of my fingers to your soft
Bong od mien jud kbod (ooooh)
I'll be like wha.. what wha, what
What wha.. what
Don't kbod jud bong
Som sain nuk bong pong
There's nothing wrong
This love is going too strong
I can make love to you all night long
Til the break of dawn so come on girl
Lets get it on
So give me that one perfect chance girl
to just make it right

If I had one wish, Bong Sobun kunye oun
To get you next to me, Oun nyo nyum da bong,
All alone, you and me, me and you
Doing it Privately oh.. ooh..
Someone... will tell you straight out
i dont want, to leave, i just wanna make sweet love,

Sweet love, sweet love ooh
Sweet love, sweet love
Sweet love, ooh.. sweet love
I see I see
You and me, you and me oh baby..
Yeah yeah
Bandout from the Khmer boys, Khmer boys
I'm gonna hit this out to all ya ladies
Out there who's down to make my wish come true
You one of them ladies
Who want to be my wishes
I guess I'll be here too
So tell me girl, baby
What's Up
Let's get it on. (yeah yeah)
North Sum.. Area (North Sum..)
Phillas (Wha-What)
Handle the track (yeah yeah)
That's how it's gonna be
From the east to the west
To the south, Can you north
Check this out
Shit's growing up (growing up)
Nation Wide
World Wide Representing Asian Pride
Your Life Curve (wha-what)
So Peace out to all the ladies
We're the khmer boys
Yo we got that thug
Keep it real (ha ha, yeah yeah)

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