Heaven lyrics

In these last days of time
As the earth spins faster
I often fantasize about life in the hereafter
Paradise, the afterlife, land of the pleasant
I dream of how my life will be when I get to heaven
I don't embrace the taste of death
But I don't fear it...
Visions of heaven draw me near it
Everlasting life in the spirit
I obey the commandments, Universal laws
I prophesized about heaven
This is what I saw...
I was placed in the land of milk and honey, fascination
I was given powers beyond the average imagination
But peep this, what I saw next left me speechless
In heaven, everyone has the same level of uniqueness
In heaven, there's no greed, no need for worldly things
No diamond-studded rings, peasants become kings
I don't know about you all
But this is were I've got to live
Where men and women don't have to be so provocative
And live as true kings
See it in the way we do things
Intoxicate your minds without that gin and juice that Snoop brings
By far in heaven the world is ours
No more drugs, money and cars
Just suns moons and stars
Reunited in the universal family
The man in me can't wait for heaven to fulfill my wildest fantasies
As I search for better days and praise the number seven
When I get to heaven...

So fresh, (so fresh)
So fly (so fly)
I ride in paradise
So fresh, (so fresh)
So fly (so fly)
I ride in paradise

Once again it's the Last Emperor
These lyrics won't leave you gassed
In heaven I encounter famous spirits from the past
I crack jokes with black folks
Like Robin Harris and Red Fox
Loungin' with Bob Marley, giving me tips on my dreadlocks
To put it loosely, an angel will introduce me
To all these famous people I'll learn kung fu from Bruce Lee
The best rhymes on the best labels
Doin shows with Scott LeRock and Prince Messiah on the tables
Discussing politics with Mao Tse Dong and Malcolm
By chance Queen Latifah's brother Lance will do production on my album
Heavenly tracks with heavenly rhyming
Jimmi Hendrix on guitar vocals by Phillis Hymen
Yes in heaven my album will be a smash
Generating cash, serving rappers like Arthur Ashe
Flippin' uncensored free voice, I can rejoice
Look over there its Heavy D's boy, Trouble T Roy!!
He's kickin' dance steps with Sammy Davis Junior
If I known heaven was gonna be like this I'da been here sooner
Where heavenly emcees can be
No robbery, no thievery...
No police brutality for Eazy E
And all our loved ones that passed away
Take it from me, some day we can all be free like Donnie Hathaway
I make the world feel my presence
Until I'm called back to the essence
When I get to heaven....


It's one for the physical
It's two for the spirit
Three for hip hop
That makes ya heads bob when you hear it
My mind's in heaven and I'm lovin' it
No politicians, no government
No democrats, no republicans
And in the other men might create a civilization
Where hip hop rules
The Emp the Raw rocks the nation
There's no stress in heaven we all relax
And real lyricists sign record contracts
Not these gun toting, blunt smoking
Cross over acts, lying on wax
Claiming they drop facts
Imagine possibly no animosity
Or malice, where your home is a palace
Sippin' wine from a golden chalice
Just loungin' and living lovely
No one above me, the very thought of it drugs me
Just like this track does me
In heaven people live their lives how they happen to live 'em
No longer trapped in a prison
None of this capitalism, no need to boast squad
Even try to pose high, just give thanks and praise to the most high
And maybe we can all make it
And take it right back to the essence
When I get to heaven...

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